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Sam Thornton - Personal Training in the Park

Hello, my name is Sam Thornton.

How do you feel? Your best?  Do you leap out of bed full of energy to start the day?

How motivated are you to achieve new objectives, reach new heights?

Are you happy with how you look? What DO you want to achieve?

Whatever it is, I’ll help you to get there because for me, it’s more than just personal training.


My fitness philosophy

Making healthier lifestyle choices alongside a structured fitness program can and will have serious implications for your health; increased energy, confidence and self esteem, improved body composition to directly reduce your risk of disease, and reduced stress levels. As long as your exercise plan is performed safely and is steadily progressed, there are no negatives. Well, aside that it will require a level of commitment from you!

Exercise Qualifications

Level 4 Cancer Exercise Specialist

Level 3 Exercise Referral

Diploma in Personal Training


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