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_MG_0776The old adage

If you do what you have always done, you will get what you have always got!” is simply not true from a fitness point of view.

If you keep doing what you have always done, you will steadily become less fit. In order and maintain fitness it is necessary to progress your programme and demand your body to adapt; become stronger, fitter and leaner.

However sometimes it is difficult to achieve this on your own and the skills, advice and support of a personal trainer will motivate you to fulfill your potential.

I offer a mufti-tiered level of services, using the most up to date techniques and methods to help you reach your own individual SMART health and fitness goals. From a 6 week “take away” programme to a fully supported Personal Training plan, there is a package to suit all needs and budgets.
Where would you like to train.Karen and Gill in the gym

I have training facilities at home in a well equipped gym, including treadmill, a spinning bike and a Concept 2 Rowing  machine .

There are multiple free weights, dumbbells, kettle bells, resistance bands etc.

For the better days I can take you into a large garden where I can use all the above equipment and set up the TRX. I live a stones throw from large areas of National Trust land, great for walking and running!

For those who need a program only:

I recommend that you undertake a single training session in addition to the programme, especially if you are new to training. This allows us to discuss intensity and to ensure that the correct techniques are used, increasing effectiveness and decreasing risk of injury.

After discussing you personal goals I will design a programme uniquely tailored to what you want to achieve. It will be fun, involved, challenging but most of all achievable.

Personal Training Packages

A fully supported training package designed with your goals and needs at the core, whether health, fitness or sports focused.
Methods used will progress you through your programme making noticeable and quantifiable differences to your health and fitness and well being.

I will support and motivate you to achieving your personal goals, and each session will be demanding and progressive, yet enjoyable.

I am able to impart sound nutritional advise based on healthy eating and promoting a long term healthy lifestyle, not prescribing a diet plan but by focusing on long term healthier eating choices and patterns.

Please contact me for details or register below.

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