What do you need from your personal Trainer?

Whatever your goals you may feel you need the support and guidance of a Personal Trainer and Nutrition Advisor to help you get there.

Achieving weight loss goals involves diet, exercise and behavioural changes in order to make long term sustained changes.

Diet is not about depriving yourself, feeling hungry. It is about giving yourself all the nutrients your body needs without all the extra empty calories that we consume. If you are trying to lose weight there is a simple formula to follow, “less energy in, more energy out.”

If you embark on a hugely calorie restrictive diet, yes you will lose weight. It is generally thought however that the quicker you lose the pounds, the quicker they come back on again and your future weight loss is compounded by drop in metabolism that your diet caused.

Wouldn’t it be lovely to think of food as your friend rather than your enemy?

Invest in your body, be kind to it and you will be astounded at what it will do for you!


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