What to Expect at Your First Personal Training Session

It doesn’t matter how experienced or inexperienced you are in the gym, you are bound to have some first-time nerves when it comes to anticipating your first session with a personal trainer. Fortunately, learning about what goes on during that time can go a long way in assuaging your apprehensions. Here is a guide to what to expect at your first personal training session:

  1. Before you make any physical effort, your personal trainer will sit you down for a talk. It is important that you share any health conditions or concerns you might have, as your trainer will have to work around these to protect your health and safety. Also, your trainer will want to get a good idea of what you hope to accomplish, as well as what your current health and fitness habits are. All of this information will be used to develop a training plan that is customized to your individual circumstances.

Fitness assessment. Your personal trainer will take some time assessing your current state of fitness. This is necessary to ensuring your safety, setting realistic goals, and determining which approaches might be best when it comes to helping you reach those goals. Don’t worry—you are not being tested. Just try your hardest, with a mindset that you are there to improve, not to set a record.

  1. After determining how best to approach your needs, your personal trainer will guide you through a workout routine. Do not feel that you have to know what you are doing right away, nor do you have to move at a pace that is uncomfortable for you. Ask all of the questions you feel you need to, and expect that they will be more than welcomed. Think of your relationship with your personal trainer as a partnership; your feedback is tantamount to your success.

Plan of action. Once your first session is over, your personal trainer should be well equipped to present you with a plan of action for ongoing fitness. This may include diet guidelines, instructions for working out on your own, appointments to come back for more training sessions, and more.

No matter what your current lifestyle or health and fitness goals are, you can benefit from the expertise of a personal trainer. It is important that you take care in choosing a trainer who is knowledgeable, experienced, qualified, and genuinely interested in your overall well-being.
Sam Thornton is well equipped to provide you with just that, and will give you the personal attention and guidance you need.

Contact her today to find out how she can help you attain your fitness goals. She can be reached either by phone, at 07801 429802, or via email: sam@sam-thornton.co.uk


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