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How the body works

Our human body is miraculous, more capable than any computer in it’s ability to cope with problems. When we falter our body sends us signals that we need to listen to and understand.

It is worth reminding ourselves of how our body manages problems and the alarms it sometimes gives us letting us know that it needs help!


Modern day life encourages us to be lazy which promotes our body and state of mind become lethargic. We gain weight, don’t have enough energy and age too soon. In short, if you don’t use it, you lose it!

Some people accept lethargy as part and parcel of a modern lifestyle. A common cause is not eating properly. People diet to lose weight excessively, depriving themselves of vital nutrients to fuel the body sufficiently. Eating  too many processed food only exacerbates the problem. A diet low in essential in nutrients can have devastating effects on the body.

Another cause for lethargy is food intolerance. An intolerance can develop when large quantities of a certain food are eaten, as the body produces toxins due to it’s inability to digest the food adequately.

Many of us also eat to fast. The digestive process begins in the mouth. Food needs to be chewed thoroughly to reduces the demands on the digestive system.

Toxic Build Up

Poor diet, stress, inactivity, even that miraculous skin cream all add up to a build up of toxins in the body. Symptoms of toxic build up include weight gain, tiredness, repeated coughs and colds; all indications that your body is not able to work as efficiently as it could.

Processed foods, cigarette smoke, alcohol, all expose our body to toxins. The more exposed we are the harder it is for our body to get rid of them and we get a build up. Remember that a toxin is a poison!

Many symptoms of feeling unwell can often be attributed to dehydration. Our body is composed of 60-65% water and in order to be protected from the effects of toxins we should be drinking 11/2-2 litres of water each day. More to counteract the effects of tea, coffee and alcohol if we are drinking these.

High toxicity increases our body’s susceptibility to viruses, fungal and bacterial infections.

Poor Digestion

We are not simply what we eat, we are what we absorb. Many nutrients are synergistic, i.e. work together for full absorption. Did you know that milk on your cereal actually impedes absorption of the vitamin C from your orange juice. A diet rich in nutrients is enjoyed and used by your body so that it can function at it’s best.

Occasionally food intolerances can create digestion and absorption problems and for a while it would be wise to limit food stuffs you have intolerances to. This can be hard as these are often the foods we eat the most.


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