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My name is Sam(antha) Thornton

This isn’t just personal training.

How do you feel? Your best? Do you leap out of bed full of energy ready to start the day?

How motivated are you to achieve new objectives, reach new heights?

Finally, are you happy with how you look?

Reach your Health and Fitness potential with Sam Thornton Personal Training!


Taking care of your body is not simply about aesthetics. We come in all shapes and sizes. You have the ability to take charge of your body NOW! Body shape is the single and most powerful predictor of future health, and it affects our risk of everything from heart disease, diabetes, to osteoporosis.

Our shape determines our metabolism, and how we gain weight.

In order to make changes, not only crucial to our health and well being, but so that we wake up each morning with vitality and energy, we need to have motivation long term. Motivation comes from enjoying your physical exercise, noticing positive changes within and on the outside, and enjoying a positive proactive healthy lifestyle.

This is where the support and advise of a trained professional comes in.

Healthful offers something different: A genuine regard for holistic health coming from solid foundations within clinical nursing, a genuine love of well being and fitness, and a passion for competitive sport.

Skilled in motivational training techniques and the most up to date training methods and nutritional advice,

I will take you where you want to be. Based in the Maidenhead area, I offer:

    Healthful Personal Training
    Health assessments (Personal and Corporate)
    Fitness assessments
    Star Runners
    Star Boot Camps
    Mini Stars

Contact me or register below;

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